What is Breathwork?

Can you actually heal your addiction by breathing? Breathwork sounds simple, but it’s actually a powerful tool for recovery from addiction, trauma, and other emotional and mental issues.

There are many forms of breathwork, which generally means breathing techniques to improve your health.

The practice got its start in the United States during the 1960s and 1970s, although it’s been used for much longer in Eastern cultures that practice yoga and Tai Chi.

No matter which type of breathwork you choose, it’s always best to practice with an experienced professional.

They’ll guide you every step of the way through a series of breathing patterns designed to encourage mindfulness and to unlock suppressed trauma.

During breathwork, you may experience a variety of physical symptoms, including temperature changes, tingling, and stiffness. You might even experience visions or sudden crying or yelling.

No matter what happens during the session, you’ll likely leave feeling lighter, more grounded, and more physically and emotionally integrated.

Most people leave wanting to come back for more!

At The Mend, breathwork is an important part of our residential treatment program.

To learn more about how breathwork at The Mend could help you conquer your addiction once and for all, contact us today.

Or if you’re not sure whether you’re ready to quit just yet, try our quiz HERE.

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