What Happens in Rehab?

For many, a life in recovery starts with time in rehab. But when you’re still in your addiction, that might be as difficult to visualize as a life without drugs and alcohol. If you’re thinking about making a change, you might need to know: What happens in rehab?

Overall, residential treatment is designed to give you a safe, supportive place to get a break from your addiction and to start to confront the issues that might have fueled it.

Since every addiction is different, so too is every course of treatment. Depending on the facility that you choose, your daily schedule in rehab could take a wide variety of forms. But it is likely to include some common elements.

First, your residential treatment facility will help you get stabilized. For some, that means going through detox. Once your head is clear and your vitals are good, you’ll be ready to begin therapeutic treatment.

Most recovery plans involve a combination of one-on-one counseling, group therapy, discussion, 12 Step meetings, and more cutting-edge modalities like breathwork or music therapy. A typical day in rehab includes a mix of those.

There will be plenty of time for you to rest, process your experience, and connect with new friends in recovery. You may want to read recovery literature or journal about your experience.

The length of your stay will depend on the recommendations of your treatment team, and in some cases there are financial considerations as well. But no matter how long you are able to stay, at The Mend, our care coordinators will work with you to make sure that the next steps toward success are clear with an aftercare plan.

That might mean helping you find a sober living home, or getting you set up in intensive outpatient treatment.

Recovery only begins in rehab, and part of the experience is learning what you’ll need to do to stay clean and sober for the long term.

If you’re ready to begin your own journey in recovery, contact one of our care coordinators today.

If you’re still not sure whether the time is right to quit drugs or alcohol, take our 10-question quiz HERE.

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