What Happens in Rehab? Process Groups Explained

From movies and TV shows, many people are familiar with what happens in 12 Step meetings. What happens in rehab often involves AA, NA, or other 12 Step programs, but residential drug and alcohol treatment also may include another type of group meeting: process groups.

Process groups are small groups of people who meet to talk in a casual but structured way.

You might talk about how you’re feeling today, or how something that happened a long time ago has effected you.

Talking about the challenges of detox and recovery, your hopes, fears, and frustrations will help you experience a sense of support and community that may be entirely new.

A trained professional or counselor may provide a topic or weigh in to maintain structure throughout the conversation.

One difference between 12 Step groups and process groups is that in process groups, you are allowed and even encouraged to give each other feedback about your shares.

Of course, that doesn’t mean there are no rules.

Having a successful group depends on each member. Honoring confidentiality about what happens in rehab process groups and creating a sense of safety will help every member heal and grow.

Your experience in rehab may include an ongoing process group. You may also choose to continue with a process group as part of your after-care.

The staff at your rehab can connect you with therapists and counselors that may offer such groups to the community.

Process groups can be a useful tool in your wider recovery plan, on top of 12 Step meetings, intensive outpatient treatment, sober living, or more.

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