What Happens in Detox?

Detox is the first step on the journey to recovery. But what really happens once you’ve made the decision to take a break from drinking or drugs?

Overall, every step in a medically supervised drug or alcohol detox is intended to make your withdrawal as safe and comfortable as possible.

This is what happens in detox at the Mend.

First, a Care Coordinator will talk with you to learn more about your substance use. They’ll craft a customized treatment plan based on your particular substance use history, your medical history, and your unique needs and goals. No two detoxes are exactly alike – just like no two addictions are identical, either.

Once you are checked in, off of drugs and alcohol, and beginning to go through detoxification, you may begin to experience some symptoms of withdrawal. Your specific physical symptoms will depend on the nature of your use, but whatever you are experiencing, staff members will be there to help you manage it.

At The Mend, our physician uses a wide range of safe and effective medications to help make what happens in detox less painful.

Before long, your body will cleanse itself of any trace of drugs or alcohol.

So, what next?

A Care Coordinator will meet with you once your head clears to learn more about your goals for future recovery. If you’re not ready to pursue long-lasting recovery, no one will force you. But if you are interested in continuing down that path, The Mend team will work with you to help you transition to inpatient treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, sober living, or whatever aftercare option will work best for you.

Fear of facing detox and withdrawal can be one of the main reasons why people avoid the first steps towards recovery. But it truly doesn’t have to be so difficult. Contact one of our Care Coordinators today to learn more about what detox might look like for you.

Or, if you’re not sure whether you’re ready just yet, download our guide to finding your rock bottom in 10 steps HERE.

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