How to Know You’ve Hit Rock Bottom

Jail. Overdose. Losing your job, or kids. For some, these are clear markers of hitting “rock bottom” in addiction.

But the reality is that many alcoholics and addicts choose to get clean and sober before suffering such serious consequences. And others plow right through them, using for many more years before they decide to get clean — or fall victim to their addiction once and for all.

“Rock bottom” is different for everyone.

So how can you know if it’s the right time for you to try addiction treatment?

In the rooms of 12 Step recovery, it is often said that “the bottom is where you stop digging.”

That slogan suggests that there is no “real” moment that absolutely requires you to make a change. Instead, every alcoholic or addict makes that decision for themselves when life becomes unmanageable.

Deciding to continue drug or alcohol abuse means that an endless parade of humiliation and pain is likely to lie ahead.

Really, the only true bottom is the one that is most feared: death.

You don’t have to have gotten a DUI to enter treatment. It’s not necessary to have overdosed on heroin. You don’t even have to believe that you’re an alcoholic or addict.

All that’s required to stop the race to the bottom is a desire to stop drinking or using — even just for a little while.

Choosing detox can give your body a break and clear your mind to consider what might lie ahead in terms of recovery. Opting for residential treatment and long-term recovery means that your bottom doesn’t have to get lower.

If you’re still not sure if you need detox or residential treatment, check out our easy 10-question quiz HERE to see if it might be time to stop.

Or, call one of our Care Coordinators today to see if it could be time to try a new way of life.

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