What to Ask When Looking for Addiction Treatment

Maybe you’ve tried detoxing on your own and it didn’t work out. Or, you might be ready to change your life with a stay in a residential addiction treatment program. But how do you know which detox and rehab center is right for you? Here’s what to ask when looking for addiction treatment.

Addiction treatment programs can vary greatly, whether it’s because of the quality of the facilities, the effectiveness of the treatment methods used or the type of aftercare options provided once detox and rehab are complete. When considering the right program for you, it’s helpful to ask questions like these.

Does the detox and rehab facility treat your specific addiction issues?

Every substance use disorder different, so understanding if a facility has the necessary staff and resources to help you overcome your particular situation is key.

What kinds of therapy options are offered?

While many rehab centers provide individual and group counseling sessions, you could also benefit from alternative approaches, also known as holistic treatment. For example, The Mend offers music therapy sessions and breathwork sessions to improve your overall health and state of mind.

Does the staff have proper training?

Staff at the treatment center you choose should be adequately equipped to focus on your safety and wellbeing. All staff members at The Mend are fully trained in alcoholism and drug treatment procedures, and they are prepared to handle any emergency that may arise during detox or treatment.

Will the treatment center be able to help right away with aftercare?

The recovery process doesn’t have to end after completing detox and rehab. Among what to ask when looking for addiction treatment, you should find out if the program you’re considering can guide you along the aftercare process to protect your hard-won recovery. The Mend can provide our residents discharge right into the care of one of our trusted aftercare treatment partners.

Can former residents depend on support well into the future?

It’s essential to find out if a treatment center can continue to provide support beyond those challenging post-detox-and-rehab weeks and months. You are considered family once you have come to The Mend. That means our staff, residents, and former residents are all integral and active members of the recovery community in Orange County. Our alumni take part in weekly panels at the facility, social outings and off-site 12-Step meetings.

Call us to begin your journey to recovery. Or if you’re not sure whether you’re ready to quit drugs or alcohol just yet, try our quiz HERE.

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