How to Detox: Medical vs At-Home Approach

So you’ve decided you need to detox. While that’s a huge decision on its own, you still have another big choice to make: How to detox.

The options for detox are as varied as the different types of drug and alcohol use. But really, there’s one main question: Do you want a medically managed detox, or will you try detox at home?

For many people, it comes down to cost and convenience. Why pay to go to a facility when you can just try to stop cold turkey in your own home?

There are many differences, however, between a medically managed detox and an at-home approach.
  1. Strategy

When you go through withdrawal in a medically managed detox facility, your treatment will follow a customized plan. At intake, a staff member will take your vitals and ask you about your use to determine the strategy and medications that will make your detox as safe and comfortable as possible. At home, even if you buy detox drinks or over-the-counter remedies, you’re basically winging it.

  1. Safety

Without having someone to check your vitals throughout withdrawal, you’re putting yourself at great risk. Detoxing from certain substances can cause heart attacks and strokes. It can sometimes even be fatal. Without a medical staff on hand, you have no way of seeing the red flags that suggest a medical disaster could be near.

  1. Support: Staff vs. Family & Friends

At a medically managed detox, you’ll be surrounded by a support staff that puts your safety and recovery first. At home, you’ll have to rely on family and friends. Do they have the experience to see you through the depths of withdrawal?

Overall, the potential cost savings are not worth the risk. You owe it to yourself to be safe, supported, and as comfortable as possible during the detox process.

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