Holistic Addiction Treatment for Drugs and Alcohol

From the outside, drug and alcohol detox, residential treatment and aftercare programs may all seem alike, but The Mend’s holistic addiction treatment tools help set our approach apart. At The Mend, our focus is on more than just overcoming the physical and psychological effects of addiction. We’ll help you start healing and beginning an entirely new life in recovery.

Holistic treatment concentrates on your overall wellness, which includes caring for the emotions and spirit in addition to the mind and body.

As part of The Mend’s process, we do music therapy sessions. And our staff is trained in guiding you through breathwork, which is the use of breathing techniques to improve your overall health and state of mind. The breathing patterns encourage mindfulness and can help positively improve your overall emotional and physical wellbeing.

While in detox and residential treatment, The Mend offers you the chance to form close and caring connections with our community of residents and staff while beginning the process of building a life free from alcohol and drugs.

And once you leave treatment, we consider you a member of The Mend family for life. As part of our alumni community, we will keep in touch with you and ensure you always have access to all the resources you need for continued success. Alumni can also participate in panels at The Mend’s facilities, as well as take advantage of organized social outings, BBQs, and other meaningful activities to help you build a recovery community.

To learn more about holistic treatment, breathwork or more about The Mend’s programs and facility, contact us today.

Or if you’re not sure whether you’re ready to quit drugs or alcohol just yet, try our quiz HERE.

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