What’s a Double Winner? Working AA, NA, CODA and More

Addiction is cunning baffling and powerful. When you take the step to face it head on, that is where the real work begins. And sometimes, you might find that your addiction is even more complicated than you think. You might even be a “double winner.”

What’s a “double winner”?

Double winner is a term that’s typical of the black humor of old-school recovery. It means that you may have several behavioral issues that require membership in different 12 Step groups.

For example, some alcoholics and addicts begin working the program of Codependents Anonymous in later recovery, as relationship issues come to light.

You might attend AA and NA meetings to address every side of your substance use disorder.

Or, you might find that a process addiction like gambling or shopping surfaces as you eliminate drugs and alcohol from your life. Gamblers Anonymous or Debtors Anonymous might help in that case.

It’s actually not that rare to find someone in recovery who works multiple programs.

Rather than a curse, being a double winner means you have the opportunity to have double the fellowship, support, and healing.

If you think you might be a “double winner,” talk about it with staff at your residential treatment facility, or your sponsor.

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