Do You Need Rehab for Cocaine?

Despite popular belief, cocaine is an incredibly addictive and dangerous drug. If your partying has gotten out of control, you might be wondering: Do you need rehab for cocaine?

Cocaine produces fleeting feelings of euphoria, which can last for just minutes, depending on the dose. As the effects of the drug fade, users often chase after another high, increasing the chance of an overdose, heart attack, or other physical issues. Regular users also build a tolerance to cocaine and require higher and higher amounts of the drug to feel its effect.

There are some common signs to look for to know whether cocaine detox and residential rehab at a facility like The Mend could help prevent or treat a full-blown addiction.

Constantly rationalizing when or how much cocaine use is okay could be a sign of trouble. Other psychological red flags include making poor decisions and losing interest in activities because of your cocaine use.

Heavy coke users also often experience drastic mood swings, restlessness, irritability and other behavioral changes since the drug changes the brain’s natural chemistry.

Some physical symptoms of cocaine abuse to be aware of include confusion, sweating and chills, headaches and, in extreme cases, seizures. Sleeplessness, loss of appetite, weight loss and malnutrition are also common signs of a problem.

On top of it all, cocaine is an incredibly expensive drug. Users often struggle to keep up with the costs of maintaining an escalating habit. Stealing or borrowing money from friends and family to fund coke use is a clear signal it’s time to ask for help.

Do you think you may need help with a cocaine addiction?

If you’re not sure whether it’s time to quit, take our quick quiz HERE.

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