Do You Need Alcohol Rehab? The Danger of Blackouts

To some people, blackouts are the perfect morning-after excuse for bad behavior. But in reality, blackouts are no laughing matter. In fact, they can even be a sign that you might need alcohol detox and rehab.

Alcohol-induced blackouts, also known as alcohol-induced amnesia, are temporary losses of memory that occur when a person quickly drinks large quantities of alcohol. What happens is that at a certain point, the alcohol basically prevents your brain from forming new long-term memories.

So, while a person in a blackout may be able to eat, drink, and hold conversations as if nothing were wrong (besides being seriously drunk), they may not be able to partially or fully recall what they did while drinking. That is seriously dangerous.

Among the disturbing consequences of blacking out, heavy drinkers may do or say things that are totally out of behavior. That includes putting themselves in dangerous situations.

Those who experience blackouts may also make poor decisions and engage in risky or dangerous behavior that could lead to serious health, legal and financial issues. In the long term, blackouts can lead to depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. You also can damage your organs, and put yourself at risk for physical injuries from accidents.

Who’s most at risk for blackouts?

Anyone who drinks could fall victim. But according to researchers, ethnicity, genetics and gender all play a part. For example, women have an increased risk of blacking out compared to men because they have less water weight to dilute alcohol in the blood stream.

Are blackouts becoming the norm for you? Call us today at The Mend to discuss whether entering residential treatment may be the right move right now.

If you’re blacking out frequently, you may need to go through a medically managed detox to quit alcohol.

Or, if you’re not sure whether it’s time to quit, check our easy 10-question quiz HERE.

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