Alcohol Addiction Detox and Rehab: How to Stop Drinking

It can be sobering to realize you can’t quit drinking on your own. If you’ve ever tried to get through detox at home, you know that alcohol addiction makes detox a brutal experience.

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can include vomiting and nausea and last for as long as a week, making it hard — and even dangerous — to attempt to go through alone. In fact, detoxing from alcohol could possibly result in a heart attack, coma, or even death.

So how can you stop drinking if it’s become a problem?

One option to achieve sobriety is to go through withdrawal in a medically supervised detox facility, such as The Mend.

Trained professionals can properly evaluate your drinking habits and then form a strategy to help you begin the process. Medications can also be administered to make alcohol detox as safe and as comfortable to go through as possible.

After detox, entering a treatment program can help you address the root cause of your alcohol addiction, such as shame or past trauma.

At The Mend, your journey to a rich and rewarding life doesn’t end once you finish treatment. Our staff and residents form a caring and close connection during the entire process, and program alumni have access to our facility’s resources you may need as you work to build a rich and rewarding life without alcohol.

If you’re ready to discuss the possibility of quitting drinking with the help of a detox or treatment program, contact one of The Mend’s care coordinators to discuss your options.

If you’re still not sure whether it’s time to quit alcohol, try our 10-question quiz HERE.

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