Our Process

The Mend will treat their clients with dignity, respect, and understanding. We teach and promote client accountability, responsibility and honesty. We provide client-focused addiction treatment, respecting our clients’ choices, concerns, individual needs, and expectations for their own treatment. We respect and treat our clients as individuals and refrain from any categorical classifications, assumptions or actions.

Upon admission, clients are interviewed and an intake and assessment is performed to gather personal information to help identify current situation, issues and needs. Staff interviews the potential client about his or her history of alcohol/drug use and mental stability to determine if they meet the criteria to be accepted into our addiction treatment program. The interview and assessment also provides a therapeutic arena for the client to make a decision to enter addiction treatment voluntarily. All admissions are voluntary.

Our number one focus is on the safety and well being of our Residents. To ensure this, all staff members have been fully trained to follow our detailed procedures and are trained to handle any emergency that may arise.

A personalized recovery treatment plan is developed by our professionals to fit the needs of each Resident. We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” practice. We understand that some Residents may require more time or specific types of addiction treatment. Our staff will meet with each Resident (and their family, if requested) to determine the most effective program for a Resident.

We Understand

We strive to provide professional, timely, effective and individualized interventions to assist our clients. We value each client’s potential and we work hard to help our clients recognize and identify their own potential to assist them in a successful path to recovery. We understand that clients are in treatment to learn how to live their lives effectively and we do not expect them to have all the answers. We recognize relapse can be a part of recovery. We understand and accept that a critical element of treatment is educating the client in making effective and productive choices/changes, which is accomplished by focusing on positive rather than negative actions, attitudes, and behaviors.



The Joint Commission - National Quality Approval

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