Addiction Treatment: 5 Common Myths and Misconception

Going through the life-changing process of detox and residential treatment can be terrifying. And the many myths and flat-out misconceptions surrounding the process of addiction treatment make it even harder to think about taking your life back through recovery. Thankfully many of the popular beliefs about addiction treatment just aren’t true.

Myth #1: Rehab is outrageously expensive.

One of the biggest myths about getting help is that it’s unaffordable for anyone but the rich and famous. The Mend accepts many forms of insurance and our Care Coordinators can work with you to come up with a plan. All you have to do is contact us, and we’ll figure out a plan.

Myth #2: The only people who go to rehab are people whose lives are totally destroyed.

Rock bottom means different things to different people, but all that’s required to begin detox and rehab is the desire to change. Not everyone falls into debt, loses their job or cuts off contact with loved ones before deciding to battle their addiction.

Myth #3: Going to detox locks you into months of addiction treatment.

While going to residential treatment and enrolling in an aftercare program can help increase your chances of staying clean and sober following detox, our staff will make a customized recommendation based on your unique needs and goals.

Myth #4: It’s easy to quit on your own.

Some people can quit their habits on their own, but it’s not easy or advisable. Detoxing from drugs and alcohol without medical supervision during withdrawal can even be dangerous. The Mend’s expert staff can help you safely clear your system. They’ll also work with you to discover the roots of your addictions while creating structure and accountability during your entire journey to a new and rewarding life.

Myth #5: Withdrawal has to be painful to work.

The fear of the physical and emotional discomfort of withdrawal symptoms is a huge reason many people never seek to get control of their addictions. However, at The Mend, we manage the symptoms of withdrawal, including through the use of safe and effective medications.

That’s the reality of addiction treatment. The only way to know for yourself is to try it!

If you have any questions about detox, rehab or aftercare, consult one of our Care Coordinators.

If you’re not sure now is the time to begin the journey to recovery, try taking our quick 10-question quiz.


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